We Believe:

That swimming lessons are a necessity for every child.
That learning to swim is just as important as using the correct car seat or wearing a seat belt.
That students learn best in a caring, yet firm learning environment.
That warm water makes learning to swim easier and more enjoyable.
That our students should respect their teachers, classmates and our facility.
That our students need to master one skill/stroke before moving on to the next.
That “Repetition is the Mother of Skill”.
That practice makes permanent, but perfect practice makes perfect.
That the use of floatation devices creates a false sense of security in children and parents ( H2O is the best floatation device there is).
That before a child is ready to stop swimming lessons they should be able, at a minimum, to:

Swim 500 yards of Front Crawl  without stopping.
Swim a variety of strokes with good form.
Tread water or survival float for 30 minutes.
(All of the above skills are much easier to do in a pool than they would be to do in an open water situation.)

We take great joy in helping our students learn to love the water, be comfortable in the water and become safe swimmers.