For our Swim School Families

Friday Evenings or Saturday Afternoons are available for rentals.  Please call (402) 782-8996 to check on availability.


$50 for 1 ½  hours (up to 20 people)
$60 for 1 ½  hours (20-30 people)
$25 for ½ hour extra to use side room for refreshments or opening gifts.

ŸFee is due when scheduling rental. Please call to arrange times.


Rental Guidelines:
In addition to our Lifeguard, at least 2 responsible adults must be present for pool rental.
Children five years and under must be accompanied in the water by an adult.
There must be one adult in the pool for every 5 children ages 6-8.
Children may wear flotation devices in shallow water if accompanied in the water by an adult.
All swimmers under the age of 4 must wear a permanent swim diaper.  Little swimmers that are not potty-trained must wear a disposable swim diaper under permanent swim diaper.  This policy is enforced for all activities that take place in our pool (Lessons and Rentals).
Swim Caps required – boys and girls