Country Swim School has been a part of our family for over 12 years.  Both of our daughters started at less than a year old and took twice weekly classes.  It didn’t take long before they were begging to go and couldn’t wait to see Miss Sue and her staff.  The water temperature, the facilities, the friendships formed, and the skills learned are incomparable to any other swimming facility.  Miss Sue and her staff are truly dedicated to water safety and making sure that everyone who walks in the door will leave not only feeling more comfortable and safe around the water, but grow a passion for the benefits of swimming.  We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jennifer and Jeremy D.

Madison (13), Samantha (2)


My family has been going to Country Swim School for over 3 years.  My oldest daughter started when she was 4, and she loved it from the start.  The instructors are kind and welcoming to all children.  My oldest is now 7, and has a solid foundation of swimming strokes as well as lifesaving skills in the water.  My youngest daughter started when she was 2.  She disliked bathes, did not like having water anywhere near her face.  As she started Water Babies, the instructors helped her feel comfortable and confident in the water, and for that I am forever grateful. As well as no more crying!


There are many reasons why we chose Country Swim School, the most important being safety.  The instructors teach safety first.  Each child receives the same amount of time and attention in the water from the instructors.  Everything is just and fair.  Children that are disruptive are not pulling the instructors away from the rest of the lesson. You will not find a better and safer learning environment for swimming lessons.

The Griffins


Our family has been at Country Swim School for over 5 years.  What we love about the swim school is the continuity of teachers (virtually no turnover), the quality of instruction, the personal interaction with each individual child and the attention to safety.  Sue, Robin and Tina are very dedicated to ensuring that every child at the school first learns water safety and develops basic life saving skills.  The children progress through each stroke and work on perfecting their technique.  Our children (8, 7 & 4) are excellent swimmers thanks to the training they receive every week.  They truly have fun and enjoy every class.  The kids are building lifelong skills and have developed a love of swimming that they will carry with them into their teen and adult lives.

What our kids say about the swim school:

“The teachers are fun and funny.”

“The teachers are nice and the water is warm.”

“We love swimming!”

Andy and Julie C.


Our Country Swim School experience started 8 years ago when our first son, Jacob, turned 6 months old.  What impressed us most about Country Swim School was their philosophy of learning to swim because it is a “life saving” skill.  This philosophy and teaching directly lined up with our goals as a couple.  Our desires were to spend countless hours at the pool swimming, boating and fishing, as well as live on an acreage with a body of water.  Swimming lessons has provided us with a wonderful recreational family activity, but most of all, the swim instructors have instilled water safety and survival skills into our children.  Over the course of 8 years we have had our 3 children swim year round and have grown to appreciate the retention received by them going twice a week.  The commitment might seem tough but the reward far outweighs the drive, time and money.  Our family has been so blessed by Country Swim School.  We will forever be thankful to the swim instructors for their passion for water safety and their love and commitment to our children.

Forever Grateful,

Kimberly B.


Both sets of our children’s grandparents live on a lake.  We spend about one month each summer around a lake.  We felt learning to swim was very necessary for children.  We started our first daughter in Water Babies when she was about 9 months old.  The progress she has made is remarkable.  She is now 7 and learning how to swim Butterfly.  When she was 5 she wanted to swim to the neighbor’s dock, which was about 150 yards away.  She made it with ease.

We started our second daughter in Water Babies when she was about 6 months.  She is now 4.  Last summer we were so comfortable with her ability and comfort in the water, that being at the lake was actually relaxing.  She would run and jump off the dock all day.  It was such a comfort to know that she had the ability to swim around and get back to the dock.  Being a Country Swim School Family has been beneficial for us in many ways.  I really appreciate the respect given to our children and the respect that is expected from our children.  We couldn’t be happier being part of the Country Swim School Family!

– Sarah H.


We value Country Swim School for the structured environment it provides for our children and the school’s focus on water safety and the fundamental skills of swimming.  The instructor’s dedication and genuine interest in the development of our children’s skills have resulted in a very positive learning experience for our children.  We enjoy the comfortable facilities and the time our family spends at Country Swim School.


Brent & Tausha J.


We started at Country Swim School 2.5 years ago based on very high recommendations from friends.  Both of my kids have had an extremely positive experience with Country Swim School.  Our son, age 5, had taken lessons in the past, but I believe the instruction from a trustworthy, friendly, encouraging and assertive teacher really helped him excel.  Harrison has always enjoyed the water but I feel so strongly about him learning the proper strokes and techniques.  This is definitely taught at Country Swim School.  Our daughter started in Water Babies at 18 months.  She is now 3 and I cannot believe how well she swims.  She just loves the water.  She joyfully leaps off the side of the pool, turns herself around and swims back to the edge.  When we are traveling, we often hear from other people that they cannot believe how well our kids swim.

Sue, Robin and Tina are all a very good balance of firm and friendly.   Their experience and commitment to teaching swimming are evident.

Becky D.


We are so glad to have the girls at your school.  They are learning so much and having a great time doing it.  Their daddy does triathlons and asks for swimming technique tips over dinner!

Kristen F.


We have been attending Country Swim School for much of the past 10 years, and find that the program is excellent.  The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable about water safety and swim technique.  Many years we were driving over 45 minutes to class, but felt that a quality swim instruction program was well worth the effort.  Having 3 strong swimmers gives us much peace of mind.

Laurie & Duane M.


Country Swim School is by far the best at teaching the fundamentals of swimming.  I have children that have gone on and become involved in competitive swimming and they entered into that head and shoulders above kids who took lessons elsewhere.  Country Swim School kids are not only prepared to advance to higher levels, they also develop an absolute love of the water.  The teachers have prepared my children for situations in the water that other lessons do not address.  As a parent, this has given me a level of confidence in their survival skills.  The consistency that the teachers provide guarantees that all children will learn to swim correctly and above all else, they thoroughly enjoy getting to know each child and family.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else to teach my kids to swim.  I still have a four-year old enrolled and when I take him to the pool, people ask, “Oh my gosh, how does he swim so well?”  My response is simply, “Country Swim School!”

Kelly M.


Our three year old daughter started at Country Swim School in the Fall of 2011.  She is currently in her second session and has progressed well beyond our expectations.  She is very enthusiastic to attend classes and the experience has been nothing but positive.  Our first child’s swim instruction did not get nearly as good of results as Country Swim School has given our second child.  We recommend Country Swim School to anyone with young children.

Steve & Lori L.


We have been members of Country Swim School for 5 years now.  It has been an excellent activity with loving instructors and positive reinforcement.  We definitely recommend Country Swim School to anyone looking for swim lessons.



I wanted to thank Sue, Robin and Tina for the diligent, focused and wonderful teaching of my two daughters over the past three years.  I came there wanting them to learn to swim but beyond that, you have instilled discipline and good behavior in them.  Prior to coming to Country Swim School, we tried two different private instructors and two commercial group swim schools.  Neither of my daughters made much progress.  Swimming is a critical life skill and I wanted my daughters to gain safety and confidence in the water.  At your swim school, they have both made rapid progress, enjoy going to class and can actually SWIM!  In addition to that, I have noticed that when faced with a physical challenge they both approach it calmly and methodically.  I noticed this recently when we took them skiing.  Of course, they fell a lot, were cold, but they kept at it – much like I have seen them do, with your guidance, week after week in swim school.

Thank you sincerely,

J. Shoemaker MD


We have been part of Country Swim School for the past 12 years.  After trying several different options, for our twins, we were never comfortable with the results.  We ran across Country Swim School and have never looked back.  Our twins are 15 now and although they don’t swim that often, every time they get in a pool, they have the form and proper technique that Sue, Robin and Tina instilled in them 12 years ago.  Last year, when our 4 year old was ready to learn to swim, there was NO doubt who would teach him. Throughout the years Country Swim School has taught not only my kids but 7 of my nieces and nephews and a whole lot of our friends.  Some of them who now swim on their high school swim teams, thanks to Country Swim School.  In our opinion, if you want to give your kids something that they will keep with them their entire lifetime and want to give yourselves the peace of mind that your kids will learn lifesaving skills, then the only place to go is Country Swim School.  Thank you Sue, Robin and Tina for your many years of dedication, teaching and saving lives.  You’re Priceless!!!

Jolee U.


We started Country Swim School 4 years ago when our oldest boys were 3 and 18 months. Neither of them was comfortable in the water… and barely even let us wash their hair in the bath. We were quite leery of our first experience with swim lessons. However, we quickly learned that the professional, knowledgeable staff knew just how to work with children like ours. They were firm, fair and consistent… and gave lots of love and attention. Within one week both boys were putting their heads in the water and had no problem with hair washing. About a year later our third son started lessons at the age of 9 months. It has been so amazing to watch him swim with his head underwater from such a young age. Now, at the age of 2 ½ he is able to almost swim across the width of the pool.

What impresses us most about Country Swim School is their stress about safety first. Even my littlest is learning a ‘Safety Jump’ so he would know how to get to the edge and get out if he ever fell into a pool. It’s an ‘extracurricular activity’ that isn’t extra in our house. It is considered a necessity… and all other recreational sports come second.

Mark & Jenny

Drew (8) Henry (5) and Will (2 ½)

The small class size, consistent and experienced teachers, and warm water sets Country Swim School apart from the rest.  We started our two kids at Country Swim School at an early age because we wanted them to be safe around the water.  Now, they have developed beautiful swimming strokes and are currently having fun competing on a year-round USA swimming team.  Country Swim School fostered a love for the water that they will have for their whole lives!


Laurie and Joe P.